The residents’ voice

Volunteer ambassadors step up to task of representing the interests and welfare of their fellow residents in Glasgow care home

A resident ambassador scheme at Four Hills Care Home in Ruchill, Glasgow, is having positive spinoffs for the home, its residents and the two individuals involved.

The manager at Four Hills, Gillian McKnight, explained: “Earlier this year two people – Jeanette Wilson and Rose Rooney – volunteered to become our resident ambassadors. They love the role and they’ve helped bring forward changes instigated by residents.”

The scheme is one of a range of ideas designed to improve life for residents initiated by Barchester Health Care, which owns Four Hills.

Gillian said: “When we asked for volunteers Jeanette, who has been a resident since 2009, and Rose, who has been here since 2015, stepped forward.

The pair take part in the residents’ forum and staff group meetings, help interview job applicants and talk to prospective residents/families who come to view the home.

Similarly, they carry out resident surveys on subjects such as the food available, and activities provided.

Gillian added: “Jeanette has always been someone who speaks out and Rose has embraced the role and has a new lease of life. Our aim is to expand things further, taking on board any new ideas they come up with.”

She emphasised the value of resident participation, which can often be difficult to achieve. “Having people who are ready to express an opinion and bring ideas to the table helps enhance our service.

“We’ve been spearheading the concept in the Barchester group and colleagues in the Scottish division have been in touch to see how we’ve taken things forward.”

Meanwhile, Care Inspector Roddy MacInnes has been impressed by the scheme. He noted: “It’s a massive step forward for Four Hills and I know Jeanette and Rose really enjoy what they do.

“It has given them status, an important role and a sense of purpose.”