The power of pets

Care Inspectorate Team Manager Mary Morris is trying to spread some ‘animal magic’.

Following a successful application as part of the Care Inspectorate’s Innovation Fund, Mary has developed an online publication called Animal Magic which will aim to showcase the benefits of having or caring for animals.

The publication will link in with Scotland’s Health and Social Care Standards, which set out what human rights and wellbeing look like from the perspective of the person experiencing care and support. They aim to drive improvement, promote flexibility and encourage innovation in how people are cared for and supported.

The publication highlights that for many people one of the ways they get the most out of life is being around and caring for animals and pets.

Mary said: “People experiencing care have told us that being around animals helps them relax, provides companionship, gives them a positive focus to their lives, encourages them to be active and makes them feel happier.

“I visited a residential children’s unit where one girl has rabbits and one has guinea pigs and both children said having the animals is therapeutic and beneficial. One girl was very clear saying she’s much less angry and can relate to her parents more and it has made a big difference to how she is doing.”

Animal Magic will showcase up to 15 examples of good practice in services that already have animals, and is expected to launch by the start of April.