Sunday lunch is a recipe for fun

For many households, Sunday is a day for getting together with family to enjoy a home-cooked hearty lunch.

At Smiddybrae House care home in Orkney, staff and management wanted to recreate that homely feel for residents by introducing traditional Sunday lunches that everyone could be a part of.

From helping to peel the vegetables to sitting round a table chatting, the Sunday roasts are a perfect way to bring residents together, and inspire a passion for food.

Every Sunday, the cooks move away from the central kitchen and instead cook lunch in the smaller kitchens on the home’s individual wings. And when lunch is ready, staff, cooks and residents all dine together, with family members also welcome to attend.

Marina Stanger, Manager at Smiddybrae, said: “We started this about five or six years ago.

“The residents get a lot out of being able to prepare the Sunday roast and we’ve had really positive feedback.

“One of the benefits is that by getting involved with the cooking, it increases their appetite, which is very important.

“The cooks also really enjoy getting among the residents on a Sunday to do that preparation together.”

Care Inspectors Allyson Mahon and Christine Tweddle observed mealtimes during their inspection of Smiddybrae.

Allyson said: “We heard a lot of people speaking about the Sunday lunches and the idea came across as such a lovely thing to do.

“The thing that stood out for us was that everything was very much a team effort and there’s such a family feel there.

“People really appeared to enjoy the atmosphere, residents and staff alike.

“Mealtimes did feel different to many that we have experienced.

“We could see that people were engaged and involved and really enjoying the food that they were eating at the mealtimes that we observed.”