Successful dementia strategy enters second phase

An award-winning dementia strategy in place at Kincaid House in Greenock is about to enter its second phase.

Originally launched in July 2013, the first phase of the strategy was a response to the increasing frequency of dementia and the Scottish Government’s dementia strategy. And it recognised that providing good dementia care is a specialisation in itself.

As Barbara Lawson, Manager at Kincaid House (pictured), explained: “We initially focused on the home environment and staff training, linked to the promoting excellence framework.”

Their effforts earned Kincaid House the Dementia Service Award at the Scottish Care Awards in 2014.

Now, as Barbara said, the second phase involves a three-year plan. “We have split it into different sections – recognising dementia, stress and distress, and how we support people through all stages of dementia including end-of-life care.”

She emphasised that one key to success is gaining an in-depth knowledge of each individual’s past experiences and life story.

The second phase was launched in summer 2017, and Kincaid House has high ambitions. Barbara added: “There are a lot of things we want to do, for example set up support for families in our premises.

“We’ve seen positive results from our first phase. It has reduced the number of hospital admissions and cut levels of stress and distress for the residents who have received help.

“Although we initially focused on one suite, from now we’re implementing the strategy throughout the home. We have a total of 90 residents and a very high proportion are affected by dementia.”