Nursery Court Day Service

A South Carrick Day service provided by the South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership is helping to create stimulating and fulfilling environments for its people with interactive activities, which they choose to invest in through the Nursery Court Day Service User Group.

The Service User Group invested in two RemPods, pop-up mobile display units, which transform rooms into therapeutic and reminiscent spaces, especially for those living with dementia. The steam train carriage and the beach scene units have been set up at the day centre and are proving a real hit.

“These units have been amazing,” said Jackie Simpson, Acting Unit Team Leader.


“People relax and really open up when they are sitting at these displays because they feel safe, and we have found out all sorts of things from their lives.”

The beach scene includes a canvas that has been personalised for the area, incorporating Ailsa Craig – a small island off the coast of Ayrshire – and the Waverly paddleboat steamer. A replica radio also plays out sounds of the sea. The steam train carriage simulator allows people to sit and enjoy one of three interactive railway journeys that play out on the TV screen fitted behind a façade of a train window.

“The steam train unit is based in a small room and only takes two people at one time. We give them a train ticket to enter and even clients who have advanced dementia feel part of the experience.”

Staff are also benefiting, as Jackie explained: “They are really delighted with the interactive units. Staff feel they have something different and extra to provide in the way of reminiscence activities and socialisation.”

The team has also transformed the garden to include a winding path and garden benches for people to relax outside, and revamped a bland internal wall into a poppy and butterfly mural. All this has been possible due to the centre’s dedicated team of volunteers, staff and family members, who have helped to raise more than £20,000.