Karen’s column

There are five and a half thousand childminders who provide early learning childcare for more than 33,000 children in Scotland. We know from our inspections that childminders generally provide high quality care which is valued by parents and benefits children. Our inspectors have found that the vast majority of childminders provide good, very good, or excellent care.

I am delighted to report that Minister for Childcare and Early Years, Mark McDonald, recently launched two new Care Inspectorate resources to further support and encourage good practice in this sector.

Your Childminding Journey is a new national learning framework for childminders, developed by a wide range of organisations led by the Care Inspectorate, and providing Scotland’s 5,500 childminders with a structured way to learn, develop and grow their skills. This will be a big help for people who are thinking about starting a childminding service and will help long-established childminders keep their skills up to date. Over the coming years, there will be a major increase in funded hours early learning and childcare across Scotland. Childminders can play an important role in that expansion.

We have also worked with the Scottish Childminding Association to produce My Childminding Experience, which showcases some of the excellent care that childminders deliver. This shows how children across Scotland benefit from childminders who go above and beyond to deliver high quality care in their own homes and using the outdoors. It is also good to see the positive stories of how local authorities and childminders can work together to support families and children who have needs best met in a homely environment like a childminder.

Available online at www.careinspectorate.com

Karen Reid,
Chief Executive