Involving one and all

The Care Inspectorate has now launched its Involving People Plan and Charter 2012-2015.

The Involvement Charter outlines ten standards for involving service users and their carers. It is a reminder to everyone in the Care Inspectorate that involvement is important and sets out what is expected of them as individuals, within teams and Directorates.

The new Involving People Plan 2012-2015 will build on existing achievements. The Care Inspectorate has already involved young inspectors, lay assessors, an Involving People Group and carer inspectors in developing policy and supporting inspections. The plan and the charter will help to build a sustained culture of involvement to support continuous improvement in its work.

Lisa Kirkbride, Professional Adviser Equalities and Involvement, said: “We are going to expand our involvement work over the next three years.

“We need more service users and carers of all ages to tell us about the services they receive and want.

“We have real strength in this area with more than 150 people helping us, but when you consider we regulate around 14,500 services you can see that we need more people to support us in our work.

“It’s a rewarding experience and a great opportunity to support the work we do to improve the quality of life for people who use care services.”

For a downloadable copy of the Involving People Plan 2012-2015, visit the ‘Get involved’ section of