All change in Tranent

Major changes at HC One care home in Tranent have meant improvements for residents and brought reassurance to their families.

The performance of the home has been significantly enhanced through a new sense of purpose, extensive communication and some impressive new ideas.

The catalyst for these changes was the introduction of new Manager Janet Decourt in early 2017. She said: “When I took over it was clear we needed to have a single goal for the whole team. Everyone was trying to achieve the best in their area but efforts were not coordinated.”

As well as identifying people who could be responsible for team areas, Janet set up a daily meeting which allows news about what’s happening in the building to be spread to all staff.

Notably, a new chef brought imagination to food presentation. “When it comes to the menu residents get a visual choice – they are presented with the meals and pick one, rather than having a written menu,” said Janet.“We’ve radically changed the way we present the soft diet. A thickener is used to shape meals and make them look appetising. This approach was picked up by the company and is now used throughout the UK.”

Similarly, an afternoon tea trolley with cakes and tarts has been introduced.

There have been positive results. “Among other things we’ve improved the weight-loss figures. People are happier, especially since they are able to have a say in what’s included on the menu.”

Equally important, staff have worked closely with families who have declared themselves happy about the changes.

Janet also praised the help she’s had from Janet Smith at the Care Inspectorate. “She’s always there at the end of an email or phone call and has supported me at every step. We’ve made dramatic changes and now we aim to embed those changes and make them sustainable.”